Display of merchants offers

The widget allows to convert your visitors into buyers, by simply offering them the possibility to buy your products directly in their favorite online merchants. No loss, the customer is directly sent to the good product.

Merchants and offers are clearly identifiable and allow an effective user path. The widget displays automatically and only the products available, and does several daily updates (new stocks, new merchants) to provide a service of quality.

Integration of our solution

The integration is simple and quick : 2 lines of code done in 2 minutes. This SaaS (Service as a Software) do not need development nor maintenance, and is delivered in white label.

The widget is personalised to your colors and design, with the possibility to add filters (colors…). The display is responsive and adapts to the reading format (screen, tablet, smartphone…).

The technology we use does not penalise the SEO of your website, and brings and additional and qualified traffic to your merchants network.

Access to statistics

The backoffice allows to monitor all statistics of the service: number of clicks, sales statistics, CTR, number of prints, etc…

For a management more global, more services are available, as the integration of promotions and cash back offers, the creation of tracking links or the access to offer informations.

Our brand partners

We have set up the Priice.NET solution for several months, both on our website and our Facebook page, in order to make up for the lack of visibility of our products listing. This solution has borne fruit very quickly, we have discussed with our partners and distributors who are delighted by the visibility granted by this tool! It's a solution fast to set up, intuitive and the tracking of clicks and sales are available for consultation at any time! All in all, an effective solution to convert Internet users and Facebook fans into buyers!

Sonia Hamelin, Trade Marketing Officer, Alcatel OneTouch

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